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itzy records
P.O. Box 5644
Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Itzy Records is dedicated to the preservation of Pittsburgh oldies. We produce albums (CD's) of 50's and early 60's music by Pittsburgh area artists (Pittsburgh's Greatest Hits, Volumes II through IX) and by artists from elsewhere that are popular in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh's Greatest Hits, Volume I, Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldie - At The Hop, Volumes I, II, and III and Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies - For Lovers Only, Volumes I and II). The styles range from rhythm and blues to doo-wop, rockabilly to jump blues, rock and roll to surf - type instrumentals and soul ballads to blues. We feature solo artists, duets, male and female groups, honkin' horn players and bluesy guitarists.

Every CD is mastered using the CEDAR Process to eliminate annoying noise, cracks and scratches, while retaining the rough, primitive sound inherit in records of this time period.

Pittsburgh's Greatest Hits and Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies albums include artists that are well-known and obscure as well as songs that are both popular and rare. The For Lovers Only Albums are just that; 24 tracks of love ballads. The At The Hop albums are set up like dance sets; four fast, four slow.

We welcome any input, bio information, suggestions, comments, critiques and compliments. We aim to please our audience by presenting the best quality product possible. Plese let us know what you think.